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Providers Properties and Performance

Jul 12, 2022

Today’s episode is my interview from the Freedom Formula for Physicians podcast with David  Denniston. Dave’s practice has a high concentration of physician clients and he asks me about the value of healthcare real estate assets. 

In this episode, we talk about…

[3:29] My journey and how I grew up

[6:23] My mom’s real estate journey that led to my interest in real estate 

[6:50] The deciding factor to go into commercial real estate rather than residential 

[8:29] Experience with traditional office versus medical office 

[13:30] Has there been a change in medical in terms of space versus the knowledge workers?

[15:18] How would the conversation go if the question was posed about investing and a potential client felt as if they didn’t have enough to invest with?

[19:26] Some of the terminology for those physicians that want to get familiar with real estate  and are just starting out

[28:26] Does the price change according to geography? 

[33:29] What to expect for a low end medical office in the suburbs

[34:31] What is the difference between a medical office building and a surgery center?

[35:56] The number one mistake that people make in buying a medical office building

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