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Providers Properties and Performance

Aug 16, 2022

This week's episode of the podcast features an interview with physician and business entrepreneur Cherry Chen. Cherry is a co-founder of The Real Estate Physician, a real estate investing business, in addition to her day work as a physician and hospitalist specializing in internal medicine. We explore her entry into the investment real estate market as well as a medical office building that her business and partners bought via an organic physician network relationship. She describes how she made the transition from passive to active investing and notes that she is constantly learning.

In this episode, we talk about…

[3:38] What piqued Cherry's interest in real estate investment

[5:07] Valuable insight Cherry learned from her initial real estate investment

[6:17] Going from a passive to an active investment approach

[9:18] The day-to-day dealings of managing properties

[12:15] The due diligence and underwriting required for Cherry’s medical office purchase

[13:22] Investing with a group of physicians

[17:10] The geographic scope of Cherry’s investments

[18:34] Cherry’s first job 

[19:19] What Cherry would do for a living if she were not a physician

[20:20] What Cherry listens to and reads for inspiration

[21:57] Cherry’s daily routine for self-care

[22:57] Whether the desire to heal is born or trained

[23:33] Whether leaders are born or trained

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