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Providers Properties and Performance

Mar 8, 2022

Today’s episode of the Providers, Properties and Performance podcast is my interview on the Grow Money Business podcast with host Grant Bledsoe (my guest on Episode 90). Grant is a certified financial planner helping business owners with wealth building strategies. Many of his clients are physicians, and we discuss the economic benefits of physicians owning the real estate where they operate their practice. 


In this episode, we talk about…

[3:46] My business and background

[7:42] Tenant improvements and out-of-pocket costs

[9:55] What to think about when getting into physician ownership

[11:21] Physician ownership as a wealth-building tool

[16:53] Commercial property asset prices

[21:04] Parameters we need to keep in mind when filling out lease terms

[27:10] Considerations when thinking about building versus buying property

[34:04] The spectrum of real estate financing options

[34:56] Tax advantages with physician ownership

[39:13] Addressing obstacles for physician ownership

[42:56] Where physician owners can get into trouble

[47:07] The benefits of hiring real estate experts


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