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Providers Properties and Performance

Mar 29, 2022

Trisha’s guest this week is Daniel Lieberman, MD. He is the medical director of Phoenix Spine and Joint, a multidisciplinary spine and orthopedic surgery practice with three surgery centers located throughout the Phoenix area (with a fourth one on the way). Dr. Lieberman shares how he started and grew his practice, and how he serves his patients with minimally invasive procedures.


In this episode, we talk about…

[2:11] The background of Phoenix Spine and Joint

[3:49] What drew Dr. Lieberman to neurosurgery

[4:33] Dr. Lieberman’s decision to open his own private practice

[5:34] Growing a patient-centric medical practice

[7:57] Creating a patient experience that sets the practice apart

[12:25] The process of opening a surgery center

[16:49] Dr. Lieberman’s first job

[17:46] What Dr. Lieberman would do if he was not in the medical field

[18:48] Dr. Lieberman’s YouTube channel

[22:57] What Dr. Lieberman reads for news, information, or inspiration

[24:39] What Dr. Lieberman does for self-care

[26:13] Whether people are born with an innate desire to heal others


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