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Providers Properties and Performance

Jul 13, 2021

This week’s episode is the second in a two-part series that features David Lynn. He is the president and chief investment officer of Healthcare MOB REIT at White Oak Healthcare Finance. We discuss the resiliency of the healthcare real estate asset class that held its value through the pandemic, and we get to know more about David as well.

In this episode, we talk about…

[1:57] The pandemic’s effect on underwriting new properties

[2:29] What to look for in properties moving forward

[4:54] The roadmap for Healthcare MOB REIT over the next three to five years

[5:43] Supply and demand in the healthcare real estate market

[9:59] David’s thoughts on how the U.S. economy will recover post-pandemic

[12:34] David’s first job mowing lawns

[13:17] What David would be doing if he wasn’t in healthcare real estate

[14:31] What David reads for inspiration and information

[15:44] What David does for self-care

[17:58] Whether leaders are born or trained


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