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Providers Properties and Performance

Jul 20, 2021

Trisha’s guest this week is Ryann Roberts, physical therapist and owner of Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Kids Place Pediatric Therapy. Ryann takes us on a journey from the start of his career to beginning in private practice and then becoming a physician owner of the real estate that he operates his eight sites out of.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:44] How Ryann started his physical therapy career

[4:59] Ryann’s decision to go into private practice

[6:19] The full scope of services offered through Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy

[7:47] Kids Place Pediatric Therapy

[9:51] Deciding where to invest in practice locations

[12:22] Investing in practices versus leasing

[14:58] Ryann’s advice for someone who wants to get started in investing in several locations

[17:39] Balancing treating patients with managing real estate investments

[20:31] Ryann’s first job working for his parents in their printing shop

[22:52] What Ryann is reading and listening to for information and inspiration

[23:52] What Ryann does for self-care

[24:21] People are born with the desire to heal

[24:59] Leaders can be born or trained


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