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Providers Properties and Performance

Aug 3, 2021

This week’s episode is the first in a two-part series that features Victor McConnell, Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Services with VMG Health.  We discuss evaluating healthcare properties and the importance of understanding the value of your real estate.


In this episode, we talk about…

[2:21] What VMG Health offers for the healthcare industry as well as real estate services

[3:36] How Victor got his start in healthcare real estate

[4:10] The importance of healthcare companies understanding the value and costs of their real estate investments

[6:33] How a hospital or health group can use their valuation to their benefit

[12:02] Quarterly analysis and updates

[14:05] The pandemic’s effect on healthcare real estate

[19:26] Telehealth opening the door for using the most expensive real estate for the highest acuity clinical use

[21:38] Working with capital and development partners

[25:14] Advising healthcare companies based on the value of their real estate


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