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Providers Properties and Performance

Jul 19, 2022

Today’s episode we have a conversation with David Mandell, who is a partner at OJM Group. We discuss his wealth management firm, where the majority of his clientele are medical professionals because of the large incomes they have the potential to achieve. OJM has a primary emphasis on assisting customers in making plans for the future, guarding their assets from potential risks like malpractice and insurance claims, and developing wealth accumulation strategies.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:21] Background of OJM group 

[7:36] What David was doing with his law degree and how he fell into wealth management

[8:46] How did David specifically get to focus on physicians? 

[11:06] Recommendations for generational wealth through real estate

[14:12] Steps for doctors to purchase the building in which they practice

[24:22] David's first job 

[24:49] David’s alternative career choice 

[25:14] What David listens to for inspiration 

[25:59] What David does for healthy self-care 

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