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Providers Properties and Performance

Sep 21, 2021

Trisha’s guest this week is Brent Lacey, MD,  who is a gastroenterologist with Texas Digestive Disease Consultants.  Dr. Lacey also consults with other clinicians on their personal finances, especially when they are considering opening up a private practice, through his business The Scope of Practice.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:11] What inspired Brent to become an entrepreneur

[5:03] How Brent supports other clinicians through The Scope of Practice

[8:02] Developing a business plan as a potential physician owner

[10:29] The first staff member a physician should hire to allow them to continue to practice

[14:11] How to approach deciding where to practice and selecting a space

[17:31] Buying a building to occupy versus leasing

[20:25] The hassle factor for physicians in different phases of their careers

[22:39] Investing in healthcare properties

[24:23] Brent’s decisions to become a physician and to specialize in gastroenterology

[25:55] Brent’s outlook: In 20 years, will more physicians be employed or in private practice?

[27:41] What Brent would change about healthcare to improve it

[29:41] Brent’s first job

[30:18] What Brent would be doing for a living if he was not a physician

[30:52] What Brent is reading and watching for news, information, and inspiration

[32:07] Brent’s healthy self-care

[32:44] Whether a person is born with the desire to heal or trained to desire to heal


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