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Providers Properties and Performance

Apr 5, 2022

Trisha’s guest this week is Anthony Yeung, MD. He is a retired spine surgeon who developed the Yeung Endoscopic Spine System. Dr. Yeung has lectured internationally and is currently writing a book regarding this procedure. His private practice, Desert Institute for Spine Care (DISC), is now run by his son and other partners. He opened one of the first ambulatory surgery centers in Arizona.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:10] Dr. Yeung’s career path 

[4:06] The decision to go to medical school

[4:48] The decision to go into spine surgery

[7:03] Developing the Yeung Endoscopic Spine System

[11:18] Dr. Yeung’s private practice, Desert Institute for Spine Care (DISC)

[17:21] Choosing a location for his private practice

[18:46] Growing the private practice to several locations

[20:14] What Dr. Yeung would be doing if he was not a physician

[23:30] What Dr. Yeung listens to for news, information, or inspiration

[25:04] What Dr. Yeung does for self-care

[26:43] Whether the desire to heal is innate or taught through medical training


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