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Providers Properties and Performance

May 10, 2022

On today’s podcast episode I interview Eric Tait, MD/MBA. He is an internal medicine physician that started investing in healthcare properties, in partnerships with his physician friends. Now, he operates an asset management firm that invests in a variety of commercial properties.  In this interview, we hear his thoughts on how he approaches evaluating healthcare real estate investments. 


In this episode, we talk about…

[2:24] Dr. Tait’s background in real estate investment

[3:56] What attracted Dr. Tait to healthcare real estate

[6:43] Developing partnerships with other real estate investors

[7:57] Lessons learned: Going after bigger projects versus smaller projects

[9:34] The decision to start Vernonville Asset Management

[10:53] Real estate management as a practicing physician

[15:07] Understanding healthcare real estate investments as a physician

[20:03] Investing in real estate as a physician in private practice

[22:37] Dr. Tait’s first job

[23:17] What Dr. Tait would want to do for a living if he wasn’t in healthcare real estate investment

[23:39] What Dr. Tait is reading for news, information, or inspiration

[24:45] What Dr. Tait does for self-care

[25:33] Whether leaders are born or trained

[25:56] Whether the desire to heal is born or trained


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