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Aug 30, 2022

Today’s episode is a compilation of our Healthcare Innovator Series episodes to date.  We will hear from Banner Health’s Alzheimer’s Research for Early Detection and two minimally invasive spine surgery techniques with Drs. Yeung and Abbasi. Then, Dr. Kornweiss shares how he is helping patients prevent chronic illness and level up their health for peak performance. 

This episode features…

[1:44] Episode 70: Healthcare Innovators – Alzheimer’s Research for Early Detection and Prevention with Connie Boker and Jennifer Craig-Muller of Banner Health Alzheimer’s Institute Imaging Program

[10:41] Episode 96: Healthcare Innovators – Spine Surgery Trailblazer & Real Estate Entrepreneur with Dr. Anthony Yeung 

[18:28] Episode 104: Healthcare Innovators – Creating Better Outcomes with Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with Dr. Abassi 

[27:10] Episode 108: Healthcare Innovators – Promoting Wellness and Preventing Chronic Illness with Dr. Kornweiss 

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Q2 Report

Banner Health Alzheimer’s Institute Imaging Program:

Dr. Anthony Yeung: Desert Institute for Spine Care

Dr. Hamid Abassi: Inspired Spine 

Dr. Steven Kornweiss:

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