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Providers Properties and Performance

Dec 8, 2020

Though healthcare institutions have been deemed necessary during the pandemic, their lifeblood, the patients, have been affected greatly. Trisha and Kathleen, Trisha’s business partner, are back with Ted Barr for part 2 of his interview. Ted is the Cofounder of Woodside Health based in Cleveland, Ohio. In this part of the interview, Ted discusses how he has worked with his tenants during the global pandemic that has seen the world shut down!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Many doctors want to own their building but don’t want to manage it
  • How Ted would describe himself as an investor
  • Providing assistance to tenants that have been affected by the pandemic
  • Practices that have been implemented to keep people safe
  • Predicting the impact of the pandemic on the future of healthcare
  • Getting to know Ted behind his investment practice
  • Daily practices for healthy self-care
  • Activities that help children develop their brains for the future
  • Different kinds of leadership and where they come from


Links to resources:

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Crucial Conversations (book)

Leaders Eat Last (book)

Wall Street Journal (newspaper)

Bloomberg (newspaper)

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)


Ted Barr: Woodside Health


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