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Providers Properties and Performance

Dec 1, 2020

Risk is part of real estate investing, but how much risk an investor is willing to take on is completely up to them. Kathleen Morgan, Trisha’s business partner, joins the show as a co-host for today’s episode. Trisha and Kathleen’s guest today is Ted Barr, Cofounder of Woodside Health based in Cleveland, Ohio. Woodside Health owns over 40 properties that span across 4 states. What sets Woodside apart from its competition is its willingness to invest in properties that have hair on them!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Business goals of Ted and his partners for Woodside Health
  • Why Woodside Health only focuses on the healthcare asset class
  • What sets Woodside apart as an investor in healthcare real estate
  • Factors that make Ted decide to sell some of his assets
  • Characteristics that Ted looks for in a real estate property
  • Deciding on what part of the country his time is best spent
  • Understanding that this is a relationship business
  • What led Ted to the Phoenix market and what keeps him there
  • Anticipated growth throughout the “smile states”
  • Considering partnerships with physicians within the property
  • Recent stories that involve taking physicians on as investment partners


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