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Providers Properties and Performance

Apr 19, 2022

Trisha’s guest this week is David Denniston, CFA with Centurion Financial Strategies. David’s wealth management firm advises a lot of physicians, and many happen to be in the first 20 years of their career. My takeaway from this interview is that real estate, especially healthcare real estate with its long-term leases and tenants who are not able to work remotely, is an investment to consider. 

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:29] David’s professional path to investment management and helping physicians build wealth

[5:26] Focusing on physicians in the first 20 years of their careers

[7:12] What David is advising his clients to invest in during this uncertain financial climate

[12:52] Whether physicians coming out of residency and fellowship should purchase a personal residence

[16:08] When to move into private practice as a physician

[17:48] When to purchase a property for private practice rather than renting

[19:27] Working with a team to make investment decisions

[21:05] David’s outlook on the 1031 exchange

[24:29] David’s first job

[25:17] What David would be doing for a living if he wasn’t in wealth management

[31:46] What David is reading for news, information, or inspiration

[33:06] What David does for self-care

[33:37] Whether leaders are born or trained


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