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Providers Properties and Performance

Sep 20, 2022

You will often hear me talk about the importance of having the latest market data when making investment decisions. To support you in this endeavor, today I will be narrating the DOCPROPERTIES’ Q2 Market Report for the Arizona Medical Office. This report will give you exactly what you need to identify opportunities for the greatest return and investment. Join me today as I review breakdowns on the impact of the pandemic, market sales activity, leasing activity, investor interest in health care properties, and much more. Download your own copy of the Q2 report here.


In this episode, I cover Q2:

[1:12] State inflation and unemployment

[1:41] Indicators of robust growth

[3:52] Sales activity

[4:55] Cap rates

[5:07] Quarter headline news

[6:03] Asking rents

[7:11] Vacancy

[8:33] Net absorption

Thank you for listening to our Q2 Arizona Medical Office report. Remember to download your free copy here.

Thank you for tuning into the Providers, Properties, & Performance podcast!



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