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Providers Properties and Performance

May 31, 2022

Today’s episode is part of the healthcare innovation series where I feature a healthcare company or a physician that is making an impact on patient care procedures or outcomes. Our guest today is Dr. Hamid Abbasi, Medical Director of Inspired Spine where he performs minimally invasive spine surgeries. Dr. Abbasi prides himself in being able to help patients that have been told for years that they just had to live with their pain. 

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:50] Dr. Abbasi’s background and how he got started in the medical field 

[6:59] What Dr. Abbasi to start focusing on minimally invasive spine surgery

[11:45] Why minimally invasive surgeries have more successful outcomes than traditional surgeries 

[13:30] How Dr. Abbassi started Inspired Spine 

[17:36] A peek into Inspired Spine’s upcoming expansion plans 

[19:00] What is the ​​oblique lateral lumbar interbody fusion procedure and why it’s such a successful surgery 

[25:06] How physicians can get trained on minimally invasive surgery 

[26:14] Dr. Abbasi’s minimally invasive thoracic interbody fusion procedure 

[27:20] Inspired Spine’s Fellowship Program 

[28:39] Dr. Abbasi’s first job 

[29:08] What Dr. Abbasi would be doing for a living if he wasn’t a physician 

[29:44] What Dr. Abbasi listens to for news, information, or inspiration

[31:22] What Dr. Abassi does for self-care

[32:57] Whether the desire to heal is innate or taught through medical training

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