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May 17, 2022

Today’s interview is with Josh Rhodes of Crypto Y’all, discussing the cryptocurrency markets - an emerging financial market for investors to consider - and how it can be leveraged into commercial real estate investing.  As this market continues to develop, I thought it was timely to discuss how cryptocurrency and the established commercial  and healthcare real estate markets can intersect. After speaking to Josh, we learn how to use assets in cryptocurrency markets with lenders in these markets that offer investment property property loans.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:16] Josh’s background and business

[3:36] The basics of the cryptocurrency market

[6:04] How cryptocurrency fits into property investment portfolios

[8:08] Using cryptocurrency to purchase property for a private practice

[12:00] Staking cryptocurrency and becoming your own lender

[14:33] Getting started in Bitcoin

[18:05] What cryptocurrencies invest in to increase their value

[21:00] How Josh got into cryptocurrency

[23:51] Investing with cryptocurrency

[26:18] Wealth building and taxation

[26:56] Josh’s first job

[27:34] What Josh would do for a living if he was not involved with cryptocurrency

[29:08] What Josh listens to for news, information, or inspiration

[30:34] What Josh does for self-care

[30:48] Whether leaders are born or trained


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