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Providers Properties and Performance

Mar 16, 2021

Trisha continues her conversation with Dr. Alejandro Badia, an orthopedic surgeon focusing on hand and upper extremities based out of Miami, Florida. He operates Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, The Surgery Center at Doral, and the immediate orthopedic care center OrthoNOW. During the pandemic, he published his book Healthcare from The Trenches: An Insider Account of the Complex Barriers of U.S. Healthcare from the Providers and Patients' Perspective. His goal is to generate awareness and educate people on how insurance companies and government regulation are causing healthcare costs to skyrocket and how it affects the clinician’s ability to provide care.


In this episode, we talk about…


  • [02:51] The cost savings that can be achieved by going directly to a specialist
  • [07:00] Dr. Badia’s call-to-action for clinicians and real estate experts
  • [11:14] How retired physicians can add to the conversation
  • [15:15] How clinicians should ally support for significant changes after COVID-19?
  • [18:00] If no change happens, what will our healthcare system look like in five years?
  • [19:18] What was Dr. Badia’s first job?
  • [20:06] What would Dr. Badia do for a living if he was not an orthopedic surgeon?
  • [21:15] What is Dr. Badia consuming right now for news, information, and inspiration?
  • [23:04] What is one thing Dr. Badia does every day for healthy self-care?
  • [24:15] Is a person born with a desire to heal or is it developed through medical training?
  • [25:17] What makes Dr. Badia unique as a hand surgeon?
  • [27:09] Dr. Badia’s closing thoughts


Links to resources:


Dr. Alejandro Badia: Badia Hand to Shoulder Center | LinkedIn


The Surgery Center at Doral

Healthcare from The Trenches (book)

Healthcare from the Trenches (Facebook group)

Where Does it Hurt? (book)

Being Mortal (book)



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