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Providers Properties and Performance

May 4, 2021

With the one-year anniversary of the Providers Properties and Performance Podcast on the horizon, our next three episodes will bring Season One to an end by featuring short clips from the most listened-to interviews of 2020.


Last week, we featured the top five episodes of 2020 with clinicians. In this second part of our three-part compilation of interviews, we feature healthcare real estate investors.


Tune in next week as we showcase the top five interviews in 2020 with professionals that offer advice on the healthcare industry, statistics of the healthcare economy, and entrepreneurism.


Listen in as we feature snippets from...


  • [02:53] ...episode 20, where we hear from Ann Atkinson of Care Property Investors. After years leading acquisitions at one of the top healthcare real estate investment trusts, she shares how she started her own company and its philosophy and criteria for its healthcare property investments.


  • [08:58] ...episode 27, where we hear from Ted Barr, co-founder of Woodside Health. He shares his perspective on the organic side of the healthcare real estate investment business that is the relationships developed with the people performing the transactions and, ultimately, the tenants themselves in a property.


  • [15:05] ...episode 13, where we hear from Chris Cumella of Cypress West Partners. Chris is another investor that likes to focus on developing relationships with the parties in the transaction and can get financially creative depending on the type of transaction he is pursuing. He can also be the voice of reason and glue that puts together a transaction with various physician owners and investments in a physician-owned property.


  • [21:15] ...episode 19, where we hear from John Pollock, CEO at Meridian, which specializes in healthcare real estate developments and is creative with offering ownership structures to physicians. Meridian’s depth and breadth of experience offers redevelopment and development of healthcare properties that enhance healthcare brands.


  • [27:02] ...episode 10, where we hear from Vance Marshall, President at VJ Properties. He shares his stories of a joint venture redevelopment with various physician owners in a property, as well as selling land to a hospital to develop a hospital campus.


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Ann Atkinson: Care Property Investors | LinkedIn


Ted Barr: Woodside Health | LinkedIn


Chris Cumella: Cypress West Partners | LinkedIn


John Pollock: Meridian | LinkedIn


Vance Marshall: VJ Properties | LinkedIn


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