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Providers Properties and Performance

Nov 8, 2022

Today's podcast episode is my interview on the Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician podcast with David Mandell of the OJM Group. We dive into healthcare real estate assets for physician owners interested in properties for their practice as a financial planning and wealth management tool. 


In this episode, we talk about:

[3:10] What it means to be a Certified Commercial Investment Member

[5:04] What it means to be hold a Masters of Corporate Real Estate 

[7:40] How Trisha got started in real estate

[12:02] What motivated Trisha to launch DOCPROPERTIES

[12:48] Factors to consider when scoping out a building for your medical facility 

[18:43] What a healthcare real estate advisor is and how its beneficial to doctors 

[21:46] How Trisha can support doctors with their purchases on a national level 

[23:25] The process behind selling a medical practice building 

[24:46] What to do first when building or purchasing your own medical real estate 

[29:06] How to position a medical office for valuation

[31:13] When you should consider selling your medical building 

[36:58] Trisha’s best advice for doctors regarding real estate within their practice 


Thank you for tuning into the Providers, Properties, & Performance podcast!



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