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Providers Properties and Performance

Nov 2, 2021

Trisha’s guest this week is Leif Dahleen, MD, a former anesthesiologist.  We discuss physician burnout in general, as well as the complexity of practicing medicine that drove his mission to retire early and invest in real estate to lead him to financial independence.  He teaches this FIRE concept to other physicians, and can be found at

In this episode, we talk about…

[1:58] FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early

[4:55] Physician burnout

[7:08] Leif’s outlook for medicine in twenty years

[11:45] How Leif was able to retire from practicing medicine at age 43

[14:05] Physicians investing in real estate

[18:08] Interesting avenues in real estate investment

[20:38] Joint ventures with capital partners

[22:12] Leif’s experience with rental properties

[23:52] Whether Leif misses anesthesiology

[24:30] Leif’s first job

[24:52] Leif’s alternative career options

[25:44] What Leif is reading and watching  for news, information, and inspiration

[26:42] What Leif does for healthy self-care

[27:33] Whether leaders are born or trained

[28:00] Whether the inclination for healing is born or learned


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