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Providers Properties and Performance

Aug 2, 2022

In today's podcast interview, I discuss packaging a practice and property together for sale or purchase with Liam Krahe, an attorney at Cohen Law Firm. Cohen Law Firm specializes in representing dentists and dental specialties to either purchase or sell practices and the associated real estate. We discuss how these are valued, structured and some best practices. 

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:00] Focusing on the dentistry niche

[2:40] Liam’s background as a real estate attorney

[4:11] How Liam got started with Cohen Law Firm

[5:59] The moving parts when brokering a real estate deal

[7:49] When to talk to a lawyer versus a broker

[10:35] Buying a practice and selling the real estate

[12:26] Typical deal size for dentists’ real estate

[14:27] The cost of not leasing property

[22:38] Liam's first job 

[24:38] What Liam would be doing if he was not an attorney

[25:25] What Liam is reading for information and inspiration

[26:58] What Liam does for daily self-care

[27:17] Liam's thoughts on whether leaders are born or trained 

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