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Providers Properties and Performance

Sep 1, 2020

At this very moment, America is going through one of the worst drug crises in its history. Trisha’s guest today is Nick Stavros, CEO of Community Medical Services, a company that educates society about America’s opioid crisis and works to treat those affected with care and compassion. Many people spend their entire lives trying to learn the coping skills to deal with trauma, and drugs provide that instant gratification that they are looking for. The root cause of addiction lies much deeper than over-prescription, and digging down to those causes might be the only way to get out!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Nick’s journey through the Army and into the healthcare field
  • Breaking down Opioid Abuse Disorder and the root causes
  • The biggest misconception about addiction in general
  • How COVID-19 is affecting the current substance abuse problem
  • Drug problems are only magnified when you look in the prisons
  • Looking 5 years down the road for Community Medical Services
  • Substance abuse aspects that keep healthcare professionals up at night 


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Nick Stavros, CEO of Community Medical Services

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