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Providers Properties and Performance

Nov 23, 2021

Trisha’s guest this week is Jay Heald, Vice President, Business Development and Managing Broker with MedProperties Group. MedProperties Group delivered beautifully designed, functional, and high-quality medical office buildings to the market. Jay shares how they are developing according to trends and demands, as well as their flexibility to offer physician ownership for those practices interested in building equity.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:36] The story behind MedProperties Group

[4:38] How Jay started his career in healthcare real estate

[5:41] MedProperties Group’s geographic focus

[7:57] Physician ownership

[9:08] One of Jay’s interesting transaction stories

[11:13] Accommodating what tenants are looking for

[12:01] Focusing on medical office buildings

[12:54] How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected MedProperties Group

[16:11] Jay’s outlook on healthcare in the next three to five years

[19:58] Construction costs and economies of scale

[22:34] Jay’s first job

[23:55] What Jay would be doing for a living if he was not in the healthcare real estate industry

[24:46] What Jay is reading for news, information, and inspiration

[26:29] Jay’s daily self-care

[27:26] Whether leaders are born or trained


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