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Providers Properties and Performance

Sep 14, 2021

This week, we are switching it up! I am the guest, being interviewed by Dr. Kevin Christie (my guest on episode 65) for the Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast.  Kevin educates other chiropractors on best marketing practices as well as business practices for owning and operating a chiropractic business.  I come in on the real estate side, and we discuss owning versus leasing office space and the long-term benefits of both when it comes to running a practice.


In this episode, we talk about…

[1:20] My company, Doc Properties

[3:05] Physician investors and sale leasebacks

[10:35] Beginning the real estate investment process with the end in mind

[21:17] Managing and maintaining medical real estate to retain value

[26:32] Benefits of purchasing medical real estate


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