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Providers Properties and Performance

Mar 30, 2021

Trisha’s guest today is Robin Farmanfarmaian, a keynote public speaker and entrepreneur that has invested in several healthcare technology startup companies. Through her own personal health journey and work with cutting-edge technologies, she sees innovations coming to the medical office space that are and will change healthcare delivery and care. She is a professional coach and has written several books, the most recent on becoming a thought leader. Next week, we discuss how private practice physicians can use different marketing techniques to compete in the new healthcare economy.


In this episode, we talk about…


  • [02:36] Robin describes her multifaceted career
  • [02:57] What started Robin on the path to exploring how technology can help clinicians provide more efficient or effective treatments for patients?
  • [05:14] Examples of technology-based healthcare delivery innovations already in the marketplace or are coming into the marketplace in the near future
  • [08:10] The future of telemedicine in a post-COVID world
  • [10:30] The advantages and benefits of virtual therapy
  • [12:51] Developments that will cause practices to adopt new technologies
  • [15:52] Will doctors be incentivized to personally invest in new technologies to capture a patient base before these technologies are covered by insurance?
  • [17:44] Will these innovations result in lower costs for patients as well as physicians being paid fairly for their services?
  • [20:57] Developing preventative practices based on huge sample sizes of information gathered on a platform that collects more accurate data from patients


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