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Providers Properties and Performance

May 25, 2021

This week’s episode is the first in a two-part series that features previously-aired interviews with healthcare company owners, including physician owners, who built their own buildings. They share their lessons learned around building a practice as well as owning and operating their own real estate.


Listen in as we feature snippets from...


  • [01:50] ...episode 43, where we hear from pediatric dentist Dr. Rassa Abdoll on his journey as a dentist through healthcare real estate ownership.


  • [11:26] ...episode 29, where we hear from cosmetic dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Nikki Green on providing financing and investing in dental healthcare.


  • [20:56] ...episode 16, where we hear from Dr. Troy Anderson, a neurologist specializing in sleep medicine, on his path as a physician owner to advocating sleep health and hygiene.


  • [30:05] ...episode 32, where we hear from Natalie Lamberton, CEO at Talas Harbor Healthcare, on acutely serving the behavioral health needs of mature adults.


Links to resources:


Rassa Abdoll, DMD: Center for Pediatric Dentistry | LinkedIn


Nikki Green, DDS: Fort Worth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry | LinkedIn


Troy Anderson, MD: Phoenix Neurology & Sleep Medicine | LinkedIn


Natalie Lamberton, CEO: Talas Harbor Healthcare | LinkedIn


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