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Providers Properties and Performance

Oct 25, 2022

Do you have aspirations of owning multiple practices? On today’s podcast episode, I interview Sonny Spera, a dentist who has grown his practice into five locations. Sonny shares his experiences from his first practice purchase to building a property from the ground up. Listen in and take notes as he talks about lessons learned throughout his process and tips for other clinicians to consider when becoming a practice owner.


In this episode, we talk about:

[01:53] Sonny’s background and path to dentistry

[04:02] His experience of building up to 5 practices

[20:54] Sonny’s advice for physicians starting out in real estate

[23:30] What to take into consideration when scouting locations

[28:15] Sonny’s first job 

[29:43] What Sonny would be doing if he hadn’t chosen dentistry

[30:19] What Sonny is currently reading or listening to for news, information, or inspiration 

[31:56] What Sonny does for healthy self-care

[32:29] Sonny’s thoughts on whether the desire to heal is born or trained

Thank you for tuning into the Providers, Properties, & Performance podcast!



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