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Providers Properties and Performance

Jan 18, 2022

Trisha’s guest this week is Dr. Vu Kiet Tran, an emergency room physician who now also consults with, advises, and mentors other physicians on personal financial health and investments to help them grow their wealth.  They discuss the differences in healthcare systems between Canada and the United States, his entrepreneurial path, as well as his medical career.

In this episode, we talk about…

[3:17] Being in geriatric medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic

[5:00] Differences in the healthcare systems between Canada and the United States

[12:38] Physician ownership in Canada

[15:09] Vu Kiet’s entrepreneurial path

[25:46] Advising physicians on real estate investment as part of their financial plans

[29:19] Vu Kiet’s first job

[29:59] What Vu Kiet would be doing for a living if he was not a physician

[30:53] What Vu Kiet is reading for news, information, or inspiration

[34:02] Vu Kiet’s healthy self-care

[35:39] Vu Kiet’s thoughts on whether or not a person is born with the desire to heal

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Vu Kiet Tran, M.D., MHSc, MBA, CHE, ICD.D.

Physician, Consultant, Mentor

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