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Providers Properties and Performance

Oct 4, 2022

If the world of medicine has ever felt a bit fragmented to you, or if your patients have ever grown tired of repeating themselves to different doctors - there’s another way. On today’s podcast, I invited Dr. Jonathan Baktari, founder and CEO of e7Health and U.S. Drug Testing Centers, to discuss how he and his team have been striving to make the navigation of the medical world easier for patients and doctors alike.

e7Health offers a software solution for many drug testing labs throughout the United States while the U.S. Drug Testing Centers offer adult vaccine solutions.


We discuss how his company was already prepared for adult vaccinations to address the COVID 19 pandemic, and how digital health and implementing technology such as AI is the future of healthcare.

In this episode, we talk about:

[02:50] Jonathan’s path from internal and pulmonary medicine to vaccines, drug testing, and technology

[04:32] What e7Health provides

[07:31] The ease of working with e7Health

[10:52] Why Jonathan chose real estate near hospitals

[13:08] How Jonathan’s team was prepared for Covid 19

[16:41] How Covid 19 has prepared us for the next pandemic

[19:34] Why digital health is the future of healthcare and what’s holding it back

[27:48] Using AI and drug testing software

[32:10] Jonathan’s first job 

[32:58] What Jonathan would be doing if he wasn’t in healthcare

[34:06] What Jonathan is currently reading or listening to for news, information, or inspiration 

[35:16] What Jonathan does for healthy self-care

[36:23] Whether the desire to heal is born or trained


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