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Providers Properties and Performance

Jun 21, 2022

Today’s episode, I am welcomed by the Medical Group Management Association's podcast and we discuss the advantages of investing in healthcare real estate, as well as the best practices that should be taken into account by investors who wish to sell, build, buy, own, and operate their own medical facility.

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:27] How Trisha landed in healthcare real estate 

[4:40]  Who are the primary clients when you're working in healthcare real estate, and who is the main point of contact

[6:36] Making a decision regarding an exit strategy

[10:27] Explains how one owns medical facilities and can still practice medicine 

[17:14] How to investors go about understanding the value of their medical facility, what are the steps to take and what should they look at

[19:28] Steps to take when wanting to sell their medical office 

[21:06] Steps to evaluate when you’re going through the purchase of a medical office 

[22:46] Case studies of a successful real estate transaction in the healthcare space


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