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Providers Properties and Performance

Aug 31, 2021

Trisha’s guest this week is Chase Westen, Chief Administrative Officer with Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital.  This is a micro-hospital located in Chandler, Arizona, and he shares how he is able to maintain a five-minute or less wait time for patients.  We also discuss how to triage patients to determine if they are in an emergency or non-emergency situation, and then guide them to where they can receive effective treatment.  With the rising costs of healthcare, they are very transparent in their costs.  This is a timely and interesting conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

In this episode, we talk about…

[2:25] What a micro-hospital is and the background of Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital

[4:38] Understanding health insurance

[7:21] How to handle a busy micro-hospital and what to do during overflow situations

[11:37] Maintaining the five-minute or less wait time

[13:16] The patient triage process

[14:51] Thinking outside the box and hands-on leadership

[18:11] Pricing transparency

[20:09] How the location serves the micro-hospital

[22:11] Building the facility

[24:09] Chase’s outlook on healthcare policies and regulations supporting micro-hospitals

[28:09] Chase’s views on the future of micro-hospitals

[30:20] Chase’s first job 

[31:05] What Chase would be doing for a living if he was not running a micro-hospital

[31:40] What Chase is reading for news and information

[32:59] What Chase does for self-care

[33:54] Whether leaders are born or trained

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